About Us

The SOUTH HANTS KOI CLUB (SHKC), is one of many sections of the British Koi Keepers Society around the country. Our object is to promote and encourage the hobby of Koi Keeping within our Hampshire area and to aid fellow members where possible.

The Section was founded in 1990 and some of the founder members are still active in the club, which is presently thriving with many members.

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the All Saints Church Hall in Denmead. We usually have a guest speaker or some other Koi related evening.

Throughout the summer months, the club arranges various activities, trips etc. and we sometimes exchange visits with other BKKS sections and Koi Clubs. Our auctions have become a popular event we have both a wet (fish) and a dry (equipment etc.) auction. The dry auction is held on one of the club nights whereas the wet auction is normally held elsewhere.

On our own open days, maybe two each year, several members open their ponds to other club members and these days we finish up with a barbecue or buffet in the last garden. This is another splendid way of becoming acquainted not just with fellow members but also with the many variations of Koi ponds and filter systems.